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Process Engineering & Quality Consulting


Welcome at the Homepage from PEQ-Consulting

Process Engineering & Quality Consulting

Our experience is engineering of automotive production processes in the supply chain of car producer

Our service to you is supporting in

-        Process Engineering

-        Process Re-Engineering

-        Process Optimizing

Our Focus in our Support is

Power P=Q²=1 for you and your customer

Our Support Services are

-        Task Force Management in the launch phase in your SC

-        Support in quality and quantity affairs

-        Training in Project Management, Process Engineering, Quality Assurance in Production and Purchasing

-        Resident Engineering for Process and Quality

-        Projects for Quality costs reduction

-        Montoring for VW suppliers in Level 2

Our Trainings for you in accordance of VDA with licensed trainers

-        Formel Q Konkret from the VW Groups

-        RGA in the PEP process especially for VW 

-        VDA 6.3 / 2016 Process Audit

-        Praxis training about VDA 6.3 Process Audits with certifed Auditors

Our Product Knowledge

-       Powertrain Components

-       Exhaust Systems

-       Metal and plastic Components  

-       Technical Textiles and Leather Components

-       Cables and Wires, Harness

What is your concern?

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Phone: + 421 908 746 447